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Customer Comments

Dear Kessels’ staff,

Somewhat belatedly, Tony and I would like to thank you – all of you – for the excellent work you have just done for us. Both the large sofa unit and the small sofa are quite perfectly executed, and are giving us a great deal of pleasure.

From the careful pick-up and return crew, to the matching, designing and sewing crews, to the front of house staff, especially Ria, with their patient help and support for our fabric selecting, everything was done with the utmost professional care.

Visitors have admired our all-new living room, and ask what firm did this, and we have told them with complete confidence that Kessels’ are the company to go to, for upholstery perfection.

With our sincere regards,

Tony and Judy Stansby, Kanata, ON

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Kessels’ Upholstering is the one of the premier Upholstering and Custom Furniture firms in the Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec region.

First established in Holland in 1924, Kessels’ Upholstering relocated to Canada in 1957, and has earned a reputation of excellence, satisfying thousands of customers in the process. Continue reading “About”


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