Why use 'Italian' twine?


Quite simply, Italian twine is the highest quality twine available.


It is made of hemp fibres that are incredibly durable and provide noiseless stability to all our 8-way hand tied springs.


But you don't have to purchase a Kessels' Chair to receive this kind of quality. We only use Italian twine in all of our work.

Experience Ultimate Luxury

Prestige, timeless quality, and a classic heirloom. Combine these terms and you can effectively describe the Kessels Chair. We take great pride in offering this chair for sale. Up until now we have only ever made these chairs for a select few clients, but we feel that it is time to bring this chair to the public. This chair will be compared in terms of such pieces as Louis XIV. Quality like this comes to you very rarely.

The building of a Kessels' Chair is a slow and exacting process. First we use Lackawanna top grain leather to bring the richness a chair like this entails. The frames are made from either aged maple, birch, or oak, which are doweled and screwed and have a lifetime guarantee. The coil springs are hand tied with Italian twine, and the cushion is either Qualux foam, or a spring cushion. A chair like this will stand out anywhere, but we can offer more.

In addition to the model described above, we offer our most prestigious chair. This chair, in addition to the aged wood, doweled and screwed frame, and hand tied springs, comes with our distinctive "sandwich" legs. A "sandwich" leg is a layer of Canadian Maple sandwiched between two layers of American Walnut. The cushion is a spring cushion wrapped in an envelope of down, with separate pockets sewn in.

This chair is then covered in one of two materials. One is Scottish leather, the same leather used in the interior of Jaguar® automobiles. The other is luxurious Mohair velour, which comes from Angora goats.

Each of these chairs is numbered and registered with your name engraved, along with the date it was built, on a brass plate visible on the back of the chair. You will also receive a certificate of authentication, signed by Mr. Kessels upon delivery of the chair.

This is the Kessels' Chair. A creation that is unmatched anywhere. Complete with brass serial plaque and a certificate of authentication. A treasure for now and forever.

Call to discuss purchasing one today.

Unequaled quality.

If you would like to discuss purchasing a Kessels' Chair for your home or office call us at (613) 224-2150 or (613)224-8917.

With a Kessels' Chair in your home or office you will discover the timeless quality and style Kessels' can bring to your life.

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