Kessels' Approach to Service

At Kessels' Upholstering we approach our work in a different manner.

We are not looking for the "quick sell" that often accompanies the purchase of furniture. Most times when you buy a new piece of furniture, the salesperson cannot tell you anything about the type of furniture it is, the materials it is made of, or the quality of the work in manufacturing it. Here at Kessels' you may come and watch your furniture being professionally attended to. You can see the quality for yourself.

Working directly with Mr. Kessels, the owner and president of our firm, customers know that they are getting his more than 40 years of personal experience. He will consult with you personally to map out your furnishing and upholstering needs, giving you a free estimate. It is hard to get a that kind of attention elsewhere.

We also consider the follow up service that is involved when purchasing new furniture, or upholstering. You will not leave us feeling like a customer, instead we want you to feel like you have made a friend that you can call upon at any time to help you, should the need arise.

We feel that this approach is the right one. We think you will too.