For those of you that feel replacing missing buttons is not something you would like to attempt, any upholsterer would be happy to do it for you.


The usual charge for something of this nature is the cost of the buttons and the time it takes to reinstall the buttons.


Really, a small price to pay to extend the life of your furniture.

Replace missing buttons.

Ever lose a button on your shirt. This can be very annoying and it makes the shirt unwearable as long it's without the button. So we must take the effort to sew the lost button on.

The same thing can happen to furniture cushions with buttons on them. When a button is lost it throws off the whole look of the item. Often there is a round, dark spot where the button used to be. It looks odd doesn't it?

This article is designed to help you replace those lost buttons.

The first thing that you need find in order to replace lost buttons in your furniture is the fabric covering them. If the fabric is relatively new you might go back to the store where you purchased your furniture and ask if they have a small piece around or even replacement buttons for you; headache over. However, if your furniture is older, you will probably have to find some piece of material on your own.

The best place to find that material is right on your furniture. Check under the furniture. Some companies put a swatch of material there in a small bag. If you are not so fortunate to find such a swatch, you'll probably have to get out your scissors.

Locate a small piece of material, say the back corner piece of the valance where no one ever sees it, and cut the needed material from there. Take only as much as you need. If you take too much you'll just have to do more work to repair it.

Now that you have your material you will now have to make the buttons. Here you will have to go to an upholsterer or furniture repair shop in your area. Trying to sew buttons by hand is arduous at best. Let someone with a machine do it for you for a small fee.

To find the size of the button that you will need get several coins and place them over the existing buttons. The coin that best fits is the size that you need ask for, i.e. the size of a quarter, penny, peso, or whatever.

While you are at the upholsterer's ask to purchase, or even borrow, a long double ended needle, approximately 12-15" in length. You will need it to thread the buttons through your cushion.

Now that you are home with your needle and buttons, you are ready to replace the buttons.

First pass the thread (it is probably a good idea to get thread while you are at the upholsterer's as well) through the wire eye of the button (or if there is no wire eye through the tuft of material exposed). Then pass both ends of the thread through the eye of the needle. Be generous with the thread, it will make things easier.

Next pass the needle through the hole in the material where the button is missing and through the hole on the other side as well.

Now pass one side of the thread through the eye of a second button. Tie half a granny knot, or square knot in the thread and tighten the thread. Here the buttons should slip easily on the thread. This allows you to adjust the depth of the buttons to match that of the existing buttons. Once you have your desired depth tie the thread off a couple of times, cut the thread close to the button, push the exposed ends underneath the button.

You have just replaced the buttons in your cushion.

Hopefully it was not too painful a procedure, but replacing the buttons in your cushions can add life to your furniture and make it seem less worn.