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"Creative Interior Design" bills itself as "A complete guide to designing and decorating your home". While this may or may not be the case "Creative Interior Design" provides a large collection of small articles on many aspects of decorating your home.

The first half of the book dedicates itself to the discussion of colour and how to effectively use it. This is especially useful when deciding how to mix and match colour schemes. Special focus is given to several colours and how to use them appropriately and fashionably. The second half of the book deals with furnishings and similar topics

Chapter three focuses on the myriad of decorative styles and how to go about achieving these looks. While many are discussed, none are done so in great detail. Each is an overview at best.

Moving into chapter four, articles pertaining to curtains and soft furnishings are presented. Many small projects are given, but again, the limited amount of detail in each project means that novices might have some difficulty in achieving the results that they desire. A more experienced sewer should have little problem in completing any of the offered projects.

The last section of the book looks at finishing touches. This chapter of the book is very useful. For example, the chapter begins with hanging pictures. Nail in wall, picture on mail, right? Wrong. Some very useful and artistic approaches to hanging pictures are offered. These tips are quite useful and easy enough for amateurs to apply.

The most significant contribution to design and decor that "Creative Interior Design" offers is the multitude of full colour pictures. With each article a variety of pictures are included to provide a visual layout of the discussion. These pictures make it much easier for the reader to visualize the final results.

While not crucial to your library, the hundreds of pictures make "Creative Interior Design" and very "nice to have" addition.