Is it worth repairing?

Are you wondering if a piece of furniture is worth going to the trouble and expense to repair?

The answer is most often yes.

If your furniture is more than 10 years old and is made from good quality material, then repairing a piece of furniture is usually the most economical way to extend the life of the piece.

Repairing your fine furniture

Repairing dreams. What is your furniture if it is not a reflection of your dreams on how you wish your life to be? And sometimes accidents occur that hurt our dreams. Let us help you restore your dreams.

When accidents occur you might suddenly feel that the piece of furniture that truly enhanced a room is lost forever. This is not the case. Just because your favourite piece of furniture has suffered some damage, that is no reason to replace it. Replacing furniture of equal quality can often become very expensive, and many times you must accept something that you do not really want. Our staff of professional artisans can repair damage from a simple tear in the fabric, right up to the most severe water, fire, and structural damage.

Many of us have seen antiques at auctions, at a dealer, or even found a gem at a second hand shop or garage sale. Often, though, these pieces seem beyond saving so we pass on them. Now consider purchasing that antique and bringing your new found treasure to Kessels’ Upholstering. We can turn that worn gem in the rough into a showroom piece. We take special care and pride in restoring antiques, and these pieces often become family heirlooms that are then passed on for generations. And when that heirloom needs refurbishing, we will be there to repeat the process over again. You will have made one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. You will have a valuable antique at a fraction of the cost.

When you are at work is there someone who continually complains about the condition of the furniture there? If you would not accept such furniture in your home, why should you live with such at work? When damage occurs at work we will repair it and extend the life of the furniture, saving your budget in the process. Your office environment will once again become the place people enjoy coming into. And you will probably find your productivity increase as a result of a more pleasant office environment created by Kessels’ Upholstering.

When damage occurs to your furniture, let us handle the repair with confidence and care. You will never regret it, and you may just find yourself looking for other damaged pieces in your home or office.