A World of Choice.

More than anything else, it is the material covering a piece of furniture that is noticed first. The fabric gives a piece its colour and character. The right material can bring composure and closure to the atmosphere of any room.

At Kessels’ Upholstering we have more than 20,000 fabric samples available. With this many choices it may seem like a daunting task to choose the right fabric for your furniture, but when you consider your unique sense of style and taste, you’ll find the right fabric quite quickly.

We carry fabrics from all of the major manufacturers and designers, including Sanderson, Robert Allen Fabrics, Kravet Fabrics, Joanne Fabrics, Exclusive Fabrics, J. Ennis Fabrics, Elite Fabrics, Fabricut, and Duralee just to name a few. We’re sure that we have the right fabric for you.


A small selection of our more than 20,000 samples to choose from.

 Visit our showroom and we’re sure you’ll find the right fabric to fit your life.


How durable is this fabric?

When choosing a fabric it is often difficult to tell how durable the fabric will be just by looking at it. However, there is a way to measure the durability of any fabric. The Wyzenbeek test.

The Wyzenbeek (Why-zen-beck) test is a common method to predict the durability of a fabric. A Wyzenbeek machine is used to rub the fabric until it begins to show wear.

Many upholstery fabrics have an average count of 15,000 to 20,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs.

At Kessels’ Upholstering we carry many fabrics that exceed 100,000 double rubs.

So when choosing a fabric, look at the label or ask about the Wyzenbeek count. The higher the number, the more durable the fabric.