Kessels’ Upholstering Products and Services

At Kessels’ Upholstering we offer much more than just upholstering. We are your best spot for personal home and office décor information. We are pleased to help you make a better informed decision on how to create the perfect atmosphere for the spaces in which you live.

While we are premier upholsterers, and will upholster and repair your furniture, we offer much, much more.

We will build custom furniture to your exact specifications, and with our enduring quality. We work with you to help you define and realize your furniture needs. Plus we do all our work in our shop located on our premises.

An excellent way to refurbish your furniture at a reduced cost is to have a slipcover made for your valued pieces. You can give them a more casual look with ample fabric for a looser feel and look, or you could have your slipcover made with a more tailored look to it. In either case you will have a new look at a lower cost than full reupholstering.

One idea that has often been neglected by people who are redecorating on a budget is the addition of throw cushions. A few throw cushions, with the right mix of colours, can tie together the motifs of any room. Or they can be used to accentuate and highlight a particular feature of a room by drawing attention to it.

At Kessels’ Upholstering we are always working to create new ways to beautify your home and office.