Our Work Featured At Emil Rotter

A recent client of ours had us recover two antique settees using authentic horsehair fabric as they would have been upholstered originally. The horsehair fabric was supplied by the German company Emil Rotter. The work has been featured on their website.

The article is in German, but here is a translated version.

April 28, 2021 by SL


We sell our horsehair fabrics worldwide and are always happy to receive positive feedback from other parts of the world. A customer from Canada brought two antique sofas (in the style of Anderson & Malcom) to life. The decision to cover these two beautiful pieces of upholstered furniture with horsehair was not difficult for the connoisseur. His comment: “The horsehair fabric complements and emphasizes the lines of the sofas. It is just as important that the horsehair is historically correct for the period in which both were produced (around 1830 in Halifax, Nova Scotia). ”His choice was based on our EUROPA design in two different colors. You can admire the result here:

masterful art of seating in the style of Anderson & Malcom

The selected horsehair fabrics perfectly match the furniture shape and manufacturing time:

Horsehair fabric EUROPA R4 color black

Horsehair fabric EUROPA R55 color red

EUROPA R4 color black & EUROPA R55 color red